Do you have a stunning pine chest of drawers you’re looking to transform? Perhaps it’s a pine apothecary cabinet or a dining room dresser? Maybe even an entire pine kitchen? Everyone who was anyone had pine furniture back in the day. It’s a wood that’s highly functional and was stylish – at the time. Given its durability, you might not want to replace the pine furniture in your home. But that doesn’t mean you can’t revamp it to get rid of that solid orange hue.

Whatever pine piece you have lying around the house, it can be incredibly easy to transform the furniture with a quick lick of paint – chalk paint, that is. Painting pine furniture with chalk paint is a lot easier than you may think. Here’s how to get started.

What is chalk paint and why use it?

Chalk paint is a type of paint that can be used on furniture, toys and so much more. It has quickly become synonymous with shabby chic, allowing painted furniture to be easily distressed but is equally easy to use for a smooth, sleek look.

As well as being easy to use, chalk paint requires only simple preparation, is self-priming and recent innovations mean there are self-sealing and self-levelling options. What’s more, you won’t find a shortage of colours. From bright blues to moody greys and cosy creams, there are a wide range of colours to choose from.

Can you use chalk paint on pine wood?

What’s great about pine is that it takes well to paint. What’s better about chalk paint is that it can stick to just about any surface – all different types of woods, metal, laminate and even concrete. With that in mind, using chalk paint for pine projects is a great way to give it a new lease of life and transform it into something unique.

All of our paints at Frenchic Paint are environmentally friendly with virtually no odour, and have gone through rigorous testing to be certified EN: 71-3 compliant, so they’re even safe to paint children’s toys and nursery furniture. That means that you can finally create a nursery of your dreams – and your child’s – with furniture and soft coloured wood pieces with toys to match.

How do you paint pine furniture with chalk paint?

The real beauty of chalk paint is that it is quite quick and easy once you have organised your equipment and readied the space for the project. Before you start, mask off any areas you need to protect and lay down floor coverings to ensure the surroundings are safe! Then you can get straight into it.

  1. Choose your brush

If you’re going to be painting your pine furniture piece with chalk paint, you may find that standard DIY brushes are not the best choice. Oval brushes are specially formulated for chalk paint pick-up and can really help achieve a smooth finish. Alternatively, a soft flat brush is a good option.

  1. Prep the piece of furniture

Take a good look at your project and assess if anything needs to be sorted out before you can start. Are there any damaged areas that need treating and/or filling? Or is there any old wax or oil that needs removing? Check for knotty areas that need treating with a knotting solution (these can 'bleed' through paint over time if not treated). Once sorted, you can get on with the simple preparation prior to painting.

Scrub with sugar soap to remove any grease, silicone polish or grime that has accumulated over time. Be thorough. Rinse and allow to dry. Give the whole piece a light hand-sand sufficient to abrade the surface, wipe off any dust and away you go! Oh and take a “before” photo of your piece of furniture. You will want to show everyone what it looked like before you transformed it, after all!

  1. Paint

'Here's where the fun begins. Because there is no need for faffy, smelly primers, chalk paint allows you to get straight on with the painting! Using our Lazy Range or Al Fresco Inside/Outside Range also means, unlike traditional style chalk paints, you get the added benefit of self-levelling and self-sealing properties. Always check your tin for instructions on time between coats which is usually only a couple of hours with chalk paint, and also rate of coverage. Applying paints too thinly can lead to issues further down the line.

With chalk paint, there are an endless number of finishes you can create. Whether you want a smooth, clean finished statement piece, a light wash of paint or a shabby-chic aged effect, chalk paint does the trick each time.

To create a colour wash, simply decant some paint into a clean tub and mix with Finishing Coat (FC) – 1:1 up to 1:4 (paint to FC). This will create a lighter washed effect to the surface, allowing some of the woodgrain to show through. For a weathered effect, keep the brush dry and use a minimal amount of paint for harsh brush streaks.

Going for shabby chic? It’s a trend that put furniture upcycling on the map. Emulating the natural process of wear and tear on paintwork – called distressing – is entirely easy to achieve with chalk paint. Simply paint the pine furniture and take some sandpaper to the edges, corners and handles to sand off some of the paint to expose the natural wood underneath.

Don’t underestimate the power of colour. The right colour combination can elevate an otherwise dull piece of furniture into a stunning feature.

  1. Consider a second colour

You don't have to stick to one colour. Think about different colours on the drawers and frame of a chest or perhaps using a light colour on your wall units and a darker one on the base units in your kitchen. If you’re going for a multi-coat shabby chic effect with one bold colour underneath another, leave the paint to dry completely in between coats.

  1. Add wax or another sealant if needed (or preferred)

If you are using traditional style chalk paint, you will need to seal it with a wax or another sealant for durability and can get creative with the range of wax options available. If you’re using a self-sealing chalk paint like Lazy Range or Al Fresco you will not need to so this step. However, you can add wax for decorative effect if you want to age or highlight detail on your project.

  1. Admire your work

Stand back and look over your ‘new’ piece of furniture. Be sure to snap an “after” picture to show everyone the transformation – including us!

Paint your pine furniture with chalk paint

Chalk paint is the secret to transforming your drab pine furniture into a stunning statement piece. At Frenchic, we stock a range of chalk paint colours and textures. If you’re a beginner or pressed for time, you’re going to love our easy-to-use Lazy Range and Al Fresco Inside-Outside Range! Upcycling has never been easier.

Ready to get started? Take a look at our full range of furniture painting products that are suitable to use on anything from a brand new side table,  or vintage dining room cabinet to children’s toys, nursery furniture or even your kitchen. We know you’ll love our range as much as we do!

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