Brushes, Waxes, Top Coats & Accessories


Frenchic Paint Brushes are handcrafted in Italy using time honoured methods and traditions. We have a wide selection of brush types, including Oval, Flat, Blending, Detailing, Wax and Stencil. Our traditional Oval brushes are made with a careful ratio of natural bristle to synthetic fibre and constructed particularly for optimal chalk paint ‘pick-up’. 

Our superior synthetic Flat and Oval brushes are fantastic for general use, while our Wax brushes offer a shorter, firmer bristle, which is ideal for getting into all the ‘nooks and crannies’. 

We really do have a brush-type for every paint, every surface and every project.

Top Coats & Waxes

Whether you need to seal, add protection or apply a decorative effect, the Frenchic range of sealants and waxes has your projects covered! 

Four fabulous, buttery waxes to inspire your creativity, our clear wax provides that gorgeous sheen, with a beautiful lustre, our Browning Wax is FAMOUS for the Creme de la Creme Hack plus 

Finishing Coat provides extra protection and can add a stunning soft sheen to your piece, Tuff Top Coat is the ultra tough, UV Stabilised top coat, offering a matte finish, it perfect for both indoors and out doors


Smooth and densely pigmented lustrous metallic paint, formulated for adding shimmer and patina to your projects! Fun and simple to use for stunning effects - highlighting detail, edging, handles, mouldings and more. 

Add glamour with stencils or masking tape and let your creativity take over! Eco-friendly, water-based and with minimal VOC content, suitable for interior or exterior use on a wide range of hard surfaces including wood furniture, laminate, metal, concrete, glass and leather. 

Available in 5 fabulous colours!


Frenchic Frensheen is a natural mineral powder for adding 'pizzazz' to your painted furniture - embellish with decorative details, update handles, highlight carving.... Available in 5 metallic colours – Bronze, Copper, Gold, Green and Silver. 

Mix the desired amount with your choice of Frenchic top coat to form a paint consistency or with Clear Wax. The more added the bolder the colour. Frensheen is extremely easy, fun to use and produces startling results. It has also gone through rigorous testing to be REACH certified.

Preparation & Accessories

From our Frenchic Sugar Soap which is specially formulated to clean and prepare all surfaces prior to painting. 

Our Key Rings are perfect for opening our tins, and they are one of those great additions to your tool box! 

Brand New Tin Toppers, which is a handy paint-saving tool with a whole host of benefits to make your painting life simpler!

Minimises the build-up of dried paint on your tin rim to make resealing the tin a breeze, Featuring a handy magnet, so you can also store the tin lid and rest your brush on the top, clips perfectly onto Frenchic 750ml tins


Want to add amazing patterns to your furniture without the hassle of hand-painting? 

Our Frenchic stencils allow you to do just that with a range of eighteen, A4 sized designs. 

Our stencils are innovative, on-trend and made from high-quality mylar, so you can use them again and again. 

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