Spring is all about new beginnings – when the flowers start to bloom, the weather warms up and the dark days get lighter. So, it’s only natural that you want to reflect the new life of spring in your home. Most people do that with a session of spring cleaning and decluttering, topped off with a bunch of daffodils for good measure

But what if you want to go a step further to really refresh your home? It’s easy! Read on for simple, small-scale decorating ideas that can refresh your home without major disruption.

1. Add some easy colour

Adding a feature wall is now a well-established decorating trick, whatever the season. Also known as a Feature Wall, it provides a new look in a room without the need to completely redecorate – or move around quite as much furniture.

For a springtime transformation, consider soft pastel shades or muted versions of bolder colours. These sorts of shades fit in well with existing neutral toned schemes and are perfect for an uplifting spring feel.

Some of our favourites include calming Lilac Hue, light lavender Parma Violet, aqua toned Village Fayre and muted pink shown below Last Dance


2. Update half your kitchen!

We’ve covered the joys of painting one wall instead of four. So, how about just doing half a job in your kitchen?

If your décor is in decent condition but you really want to refresh your space quickly and with minimal fuss, consider a half and half project. This is where you paint part way up (or down) your walls – or cupboards. It’s a great way to change things up by adding colour in a simple but positive way.




4. Brighten up your Outdoor Furniture 

Take away the furniture covers and get cracking on the outdoor furniture! you can simply complete a refresh using any of our Outdoor Hues, and get summer ready or you can go BOLD! and use our wonderul shade Kiss Me Sloely;


4. Freshen up your bathroom

Sprucing up your bathroom is a really great way to bring a new look to your home. And it’s easier than you might think – take a look at our guide to painting ceramic tiles, for everything you need to know.

A quick coat of paint can have a big impact, turning a feature you hate into a thing of beauty. That could be just one wall, or the whole bathroom!. Take a look at this transformation from dated to modern using our bright white Dazzle Me!  and gorgeous sage green Wise Old Sage



5. Spruce up your furniture!

Remember, sometimes its just the furniture in the room that needs a revamp!

A simple splash of colour could be all you need to refresh things. Most types of furniture can be painted, and you can select any of our fabulous ranges to refresh that tired furniture

Or you can take things up a notch by adding some texture. Below, our moody greeny black shade; Black Forest has been paired with a textured wallpaper to create a statement bedsides on a budget…



Ready to spring into action?

Whether you want to freshen up with a feature wall or brighten up your bathroom, Frenchic’s award-winning paints can help you transform your home with ease this spring. All our paints are self-priming to minimise preparation, with a vast array of colours to choose from.

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