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How to choose an interior paint colour for your house

The colour scheme of your home's interior plays a significant role in shaping its ambiance and overall aesthetic appeal. One of the most crucial decisions in interior design is selecting the right paint colour. With a huge amount of options available, ranging from soothing neutrals to vibrant hues, the task can seem daunting. However, by understanding colour categories and their impact, you can make an informed choice that reflects your style and enhances your living space.


Symbolizing purity and cleanliness, white paint creates a timeless and versatile backdrop. It opens up spaces, making them feel more expansive and inviting. Consider shades like "Whiter Than White" or "Mister A White" for a classic, elegant look.


Neutral tones like beige, taupe, and gray are incredibly popular for their ability to complement a wide range of decor styles. They provide a sophisticated and calming atmosphere. Explore hues such as "Funky Dora" or "Silver Birch" for a harmonious blend with your furnishings.

Blues and Greens:

Blue hues evoke a sense of serenity and tranquility, perfect for bedrooms or areas where relaxation is key. Greens, on the other hand, bring a refreshing and nature-inspired vibe, ideal for creating a peaceful environment. Consider shades like "Hornblower" or "Wise Old Sage" to incorporate these calming colours into your home.

Oranges and Reds:

Warm tones like oranges and reds add energy and warmth to a space. They are best used in areas where you want to create a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere, such as dining rooms or social areas. Explore shades like "Sundowner" or "Clay Pot" for a lively touch.


Yellow hues are associated with happiness and optimism, making them great choices for spaces where you want to promote a cheerful mood. Lighter yellows can brighten up dark rooms, while deeper shades add depth and character. Consider "Eggnog" or "On a Whim" for a sunny and inviting feel.

Pinks and Purples:

Pink tones range from soft blushes to bold magentas, offering a range of options for creating a feminine or playful ambiance. Purples, with their regal undertones, add a touch of luxury and sophistication. Explore shades like "Hottie" or "Parma Violet" for a pop of color with personality.

Blacks and Greys:

Bold and dramatic, black and gray hues add depth and contrast to your interiors. They are often used as accent colors or for creating a modern and sleek look. Consider "Black Tie" or "Greyhound" for a sophisticated edge.

Tips for Choosing the Right Color

  • Consider the Mood: Think about the mood you want to create in each room. Bedrooms may benefit from calming blues, while social spaces can be energized with warm oranges or yellows.

  • Test Samples: Always test paint samples on your walls before making a final decision. Colours can look different in various lighting conditions and against different surfaces.

  • Harmonise with Decor: Take into account your existing furniture, decor, and flooring. Choose a colour that harmonises with these elements rather than clashes with them.

  • Think Long-Term: Consider how the color will age over time. Opt for timeless shades if you're unsure about frequent changes.

  • Ask Us!: If you're uncertain, seek advice through our chat, Facebook, Instagram or your Local Stockist who can offer expert guidance 

  • Whether you opt for calming neutrals or vibrant hues, let your color choices reflect your personality and create a space that feels uniquely yours.